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Stack Bills Target Tax Delinquents To Pay School Bills

Give Philadelphia the legal authority to go after property and business owners who fail to pay their taxes so we stop robbing students of a quality education, State Sen. Mike Stack told school supporters at a press conference on Tuesday.

He declared “With new tools, the city and other municipalities would be able to increase funding for education and the School District of Philadelphia would not be fighting to find the money to close a blistering $300 million budget hole”.

Stack (D-Northeast) stood with Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan to unveil a five-bill proposal that would give the city the power to collect $380 million in back property and business income and receipts taxes.

“It is wrong that delinquent property and business owners are playing a big part in the starvation of Philadelphia school students and teachers,” Stack said during a press conference at the front entrance of Abraham Lincoln HS on Ryan Avenue. “It’s equally wrong that the city lacks the legal muscle to take action against the negligent people who are robbing our students of a quality education.”

Stack’s five-bill package – SBs 970-974 – would give the city the power to go after $249 million in unpaid property taxes, $91.5 million in delinquent business income and receipts taxes, and $47 million in late wage taxes.

If approved, Philadelphia and all Pennsylvania municipalities would be able to place a lien on any piece of property for the unpaid taxes. Those governments would also be able to add the cost of collections to any lien attached to a delinquent property or business.

Additionally: Local governments would be able to attach the bank account of a delinquent debtor; Philadelphia would be able to garnish the wages of delinquent property and business owners at the same 10 percent rate other municipalities now charge; and Municipalities would be permitted to use the same enforcement system now used to track the financial health of delinquent child support payers.

“This year’s proposed school budget eliminates vital services, programs and extracurricular activities that are needed for a quality education,” said Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan. “We’re glad to see Sen. Stack and other elected officials proposing sustainable education funding that will end the current practice of taking programs away from our children.”

Stack said he has worked with the Philadelphia Senate Delegation and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter in his development of his five-bill legislative proposal.

Posted on May 30, 2013 in Press Releases.