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THAT'S why I approve this message


You hear it all the time during campaign season: “I approve this message.”

Assuming you have a TV, you’ve probably heard it a lot lately. That’s because the Primary Election is this Tuesday, so we’re down to the wire.

I’m proud of the campaign we’ve run and the values we’ve stood for.

Full marriage equality. A stronger middle class. Better access to quality health care and strong protections for a woman’s right to choose. They’re the values that call me to serve, the values that bring us together and the values that will move Pennsylvania forward – and I’ll approve that message every day of the week.

But our Governor, Tom Corbett, is taking Pennsylvania in the fundamentally wrong direction. As your candidate for Lieutenant Governor, I’ll be front and center in the fight to put us back on track.

You’ve been with me for these long months on the campaign trail. We’ve been on the phones and on TV, hitting the streets with our volunteers and online helping to spread the word.

On Tuesday, voters across the state will head to the polls to cast their ballot.

Victory this week will mean the beginning of the General Election, and the next big step in our race for Lieutenant Governor.

But first things first: Remember to get out there and vote on Tuesday.

Thank you for all that you’ve done, and for joining me every step of the way. Keep pushing!

Mike Stack

Posted on May 18, 2014.