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Sign Here: Tell Toomey to reject Trump!

Tonight, I’ll be watching the final presidential debate.

I’m tuning in for Hillary Clinton – frankly, I’ve heard enough from Donald Trump. The man is clearly unfit to serve in elected office.

I wouldn’t put Trump in charge of the cash register at a cheesesteak shop, let alone the most powerful office in the land!

Trump is bad, but this is worse in my book: Republican officeholders who refuse to reject Trump after all that they’ve seen and heard – and that includes our U.S. Senator Pat Toomey.

Join me right now before the debate: Tell Senator Toomey to stand up for Pennsylvania's values and reject Trump!

All across the country, Republican leaders are un-endorsing Trump and promising not to vote for him.  After so many racist, sexist, reckless, and offensive comments by Trump, it’s unconscionable that our own U.S. Senator is refusing to take a stand.

Pennsylvanians deserve better. We deserve leaders with moral courage and clarity on the big issues facing our state and our nation. It’s time for Senator Toomey to take a stand and just say NO to Donald Trump!

Posted on October 19, 2016.