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Tell Trump: Respect states' marijuana rights

A smart approach to marijuana takes time – and Pennsylvania is on the right track.

In recent years, Governor Tom Wolf and I worked closely to create our state’s Medical Marijuana Program. In a thrilling victory for patients, we reformed our laws to allow Pennsylvanians with serious medical conditions to access the medicine they need without fear of arrest.

I’m paying close attention to what’s happening in Pennsylvania and other states with reformed marijuana laws. Unfortunately, the Trump administration has indicated it will fight to overturn some states’ reforms – throwing state budgets into chaos and threatening marijuana users with criminal records that plague them for life.

Sign my petition right now to tell Donald Trump to respect states’ right to regulate marijuana!

In the Pennsylvania Senate, I worked hard to bring common sense to our marijuana laws. I sponsored bills to reduce the penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana and to allow those charged or convicted to have their criminal records expunged after five years. We cannot allow Trump to turn back the tide on these smart laws and damage lives with jail time and disastrous criminal records.

Join me in standing up to Trump: Add your name and tell him to respect states’ right to reform their marijuana laws!

Posted on April 21, 2017.