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Sign my petition for a free and open internet

Your web provider has no right to control what news you read, what shows you watch, or who you talk to on the internet – but if the Republicans get their way, that’s what it will come down to. Tell Congress: Protect Net Neutrality!

Under the Obama administration, the Federal Communications Commission made clear that providers can’t discriminate on the content of your web traffic. These net neutrality rules prevent companies like Comcast from slowing down content they don’t own, or creating a “fast lane” for websites they profit from. We must defend these rules to ensure the internet remains free and open – as it was meant to be.

Join me in standing up for our digital rights: Sign my petition right now to tell Congress to stand strong against attacks on net neutrality!

In a world without net neutrality, telecom giants could tilt the playing field in their favor, suffocating small competitors in the process. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify could become unusable depending on your web provider – and you may even get charged an extra fee to use them. That’s not what the internet is all about, and I’m doing everything I can to fix this.

Let’s make it happen: Add your name to tell Congress to stand up for a free and open Internet and defend net neutrality!


Posted on May 22, 2017.