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Petition: Defend our public schools

Every child deserves access to a great education regardless of their family income. Unfortunately, that's not what Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos think.

Trump and DeVos have rolled out their proposed education budget – and it's a blatant attack on our public schools with more than $10 billion in cuts to federal funding. Those cuts will hurt Pennsylvania schools by eliminating funding for teacher support, anti-bullying programs, STEM education, and more.

Our children deserve better – Sign my petition to defend our public schools!

Trump and DeVos' budget hits working families the hardest. Amongst the proposed cuts: funding for college work-study programs, funding for after-school programs serving 1.6 million children, and deep cuts to state grants for career and technical education. These are programs that help our most vulnerable communities.

Universal, high-quality public education is the bedrock of our country's success. As Lt. Governor, I'm working to improve our schools and restore funding to public education, not cut it. Education opens doors to a better life – and we should be making sure that every child has access to a great public education.

Let's build a movement to defend public education – sign the petition to protect our schools!


Posted on June 21, 2017.