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Pins and needles in Pennsylvania

After Trump’s improbable win in 2016, I felt sick to my stomach. Just like millions of progressives across the country.

But we didn’t wallow. We got to work.

We refocused our energy and priorities. We started looking toward the November midterms, knowing that taking back Congress is our best hope for stopping Trump and his far-right allies in Congress. We even won a victory in court to create new and fairer congressional districts in Pennsylvania, significantly increasing our opportunities to win more seats.

Our grassroots movement continues right here: chip in today.

And our work is paying off. Already we’ve had big victories in state and local elections from Alabama to Virginia to Wisconsin.

Tonight, we could very well add Pennsylvania to the list of states powering the blue tide. Conor Lamb is on the verge of a stunning upset.

This hard work is our message: we will not tolerate Trump’s betrayal of working Americans. We will not stand for the GOP’s hate-filled agenda or their attempts to rig the system with partisan gerrymandering. We will not sign over our nation to Wall Street bankers, to racists, to people seeking to divide us.

Stand with me. Let’s keep up the blue wave. Donate today.


Posted on March 13, 2018.