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The deadline is approaching

Conor Lamb's Republican opponent took an entire week to concede the election. I fear that's a sign of what we have in store in November.

This hard work is our mandate: we will not stand for the GOP's hate-filled agenda or their attempts to rig the system with partisan gerrymandering. Nor will we sign over our nation to Wall Street bankers, to racists, to people seeking to divide us.

With the right support behind us, we can turn that momentum into a Blue Wave that sweeps Pennsylvania.

Will you contribute in to help my campaign hit our critical deadline on Saturday?

Republicans have proven time and again they'll will stop at nothing to keep their power. We've got the momentum and the grassroots support on our side, but we can't let up. Ever.

We have to reach our goal if we're going to ensure our campaign can win in November. That's why I'm asking you to chip in to help my campaign hit our critical deadline on Saturday.


Posted on March 29, 2018.