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What now?

You've heard it by now. House Speaker Paul Ryan is on his way out.

Paul Ryan has been enabling the Trump Administration. He's pedaled policies that are hurtful to Pennsylvania families. He's represented an agenda of greed and misinformation.

But what does that mean for us? For Pennsylvania?

Democrats across the country have the opportunity to come together and begin to undo his efforts. But we have a major obstacle.

Paul Ryan is a top Republican fundraiser. He's pledged to continue raising money as he always has — from corporations, special interests, and organizations like the NRA that are harmful to communities.

Contribute today. Let's get to work.

Our grassroots efforts must counter the big spending of special-interest organizations. Dark money groups still promise to spend more money than ever to protect their control of Congress and the seats of their 33 Republican governors.

Chip in and say "goodbye" to Paul Ryan and his political agenda.


Posted on April 11, 2018.