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It's about time

We all want the same things for our families: health care, stable incomes from purposeful employment, access to quality education.

Republicans are approaching these goals in the wrong way. They've accepted money from special interest groups like the NRA, and continue to insist that the problem with gun violence is a lack of good guys with guns.

We will not have safer communities by turning them into war zones.

As a nation, we've observed too many instances where easy access to guns has devastating consequences. Tighter regulations are well overdue.

The fear mongering we see from Republicans is not leadership, Saba. If we're going to stop gun violence in this country, we need to ban together.

Our April fundraising deadline is midnight tonight and we're just 44 grassroots contributions away from our goal.

Chip in before midnight and we can continue to move a real agenda forward--free from the influence of special interests.

I'm energized by the students leading this movement, but I am furious that we've allowed this to become their problem. We must stand with them against Trump and the GOP's dangerous agenda.

Chip in before our end-of-month deadline and help us keep the focus on our shared values.


Posted on April 30, 2018.