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"Governor Corbett cut public education funding by $1 billion dollars. He also cut higher education funding by 20%. The Corbett education cuts have devastated proven education programs such as full day kindergarten, increased class sizes, and led to 14,000 educators losing their jobs. School districts have been forced to raise property taxes. Colleges and universities have been forced to hike tuition. We must restore this funding and make public education a priority again in Pennsylvania."

Gas Drilling

"Make no mistake about it, we need a severance tax and drillers are willing to pay it to have access to our vast natural gas deposits. Other leading natural gas producing states have severance taxes that generate over $400 million a year and help to fund education, environmental protection programs, road improvements, and other critical services." Read more


"I currently serve in the military and am trained to use military weaponry, but I just don't see the need to have military assault rifles with high capacity ammo clips on our streets. I also support universal background checks and a requirement to report lost and stolen guns."

Jobs and Tax Fairness

"Growing up and living in a working class section of Pennsylvania, I know our families are struggling just to get by. In the Senate, I’ve protected workers rights, increased the minimum wage, promoted workplace safety and created tax incentives that spur economic growth. We must have a tax code that promotes economic growth, while ensuring that our working and middle class families are not asked to shoulder an unfair burden."


"I am a proud member of the Equality Caucus that supports equal treatment and rights. I support marriage equality and I have voted time and again for strong hate crime laws." Read more


"During my time in the General Assembly, I have been a relentless advocate for senior citizens. I fought for and helped enact legislation to expand prescription drug assistance for senior citizens through the expansion of PACE and PACENET. I was also a leading advocate for the expanding the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program that helps keep seniors in their homes. I have led fights to ensure our senior citizens have access to professional high-standard home health care."


"As a Captain in the PA Army National Guard I have been blessed to work with many brave men and women. It saddens me that veterans have a higher unemployment rate and often struggle to find jobs. I have sponsored legislation to create a veterans first tax credit program, which will give employers a $3,000 tax credit when they hire a veteran."

Women's Rights

"Attacks on women's health are extreme, harmful, and they happen all too frequently in our legislature. I am pro-choice and have fought against funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, and mandates for trans-vaginal ultrasounds for women considering abortions." Read more


For 13 years, no matter where you live or work, Mike Stack has been your State Senator, standing with workers and their unions every hour of every day. Read more


Every year we charge roughly 3,000 people in Pennsylvania with a marijuana-related crime. The result is that law enforcement's limited time and resources are diverted away from prosecuting violent criminals while we instead clog the system with minor offenders. Read more