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Why is 13 a lucky number for Pennsylvania workers?

Because for 13 years, no matter where you live or work, Mike Stack has been your State Senator, standing with workers and their unions every hour of every day.

  • Standing with the Labor Movement against Right to Work for Less and ending workers' right to have their union dues deducted from their paychecks
  • Fighting for good jobs by pushing a transportation spending bill that generously invests in roads, bridges and transit while opposing changes to prevailing wage
  • Working to create new energy jobs in Pennsylvania by supporting and taxing the safe extraction of natural gas from Marcellus Shale and backing financial incentives to expand solar, wind and green jobs manufacturing
  • Opposing privatization of PA Wine and Spirits Stores and the Pennsylvania Lottery
  • Opposing changes in Unemployment Compensation (Act 160) making it harder for seasonal workers to collect unemployment benefits and sponsoring legislation to restore full access to benefits
  • Fighting cuts to education, opposing vouchers and supporting changes in the way charter schools are funded and regulated to protect funding for local public schools
  • Protecting retirement security for public workers by opposing schemes to move workers to 401K or other defined contribution pension plans
  • Supporting the arbitration rights of police and firefighters and sponsoring legislation that protects their health and safety
  • Helping low wage workers by supporting increases to the minimum wage and fighting for Medicaid expansion and restoring cuts to adultBasic

For 13 years Mike Stack has chosen Labor's side in the Pennsylvania Senate.

Make him Labor's choice for Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor.