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Women's Rights

I have spent my 13 year Senate career working to protect women’s health care rights. I am proud to be a member of the Women's Health Care Caucus. As Chairman of the Banking and Insurance Committee, I was one of the leaders fighting against the Republican bill to prohibit women from using their own money to buy abortion coverage in the health insurance exchange. I voted against the Mensch amendment of SB 732 that would have caused many clinics to close due to burdensome and unnecessary regulations that had nothing to do with health care. Though it never came to a vote in the Senate, I opposed the transvaginal ultrasound legislation introduced in the House.

I have been a steadfast supporter of funding for Planned Parenthood, fighting at every turn attempts to defund the organization and its life-saving work. I will continue to fight for Medicaid expansion and the restoration of adultBasic so more women can have health care coverage and access to preventative care and screenings.

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