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Tell Gov. Corbett to end the games and take the Medicaid expansion that’s already on the table

When the Affordable Care Act became law it offered an opportunity to expand the Medicaid program to 500,000 uninsured Pennsylvanians, creating an estimated 41,000 Pennsylvania jobs in the process.

But Governor Corbett rejected the expansion to appease his Tea Party buddies, and instead is seeking federal approval for an alternate program that would provide private insurance. The problem? He rigged his own plan to fail.

The Governor’s proposal includes a so-called “work-search” requirement for anyone on Medicaid who is also unemployed. Pennsylvania would be the only state with such a requirement, and the Governor knows the federal government will reject the idea.

For the Governor, that’s great news. It appeases the far-right extremists and delays a program he’s dragged his heels on from the beginning.

For the uninsured – many of whom are eligible for Medicaid right now – it stinks.

We’re calling on Governor Corbett to withdraw his backhanded alternative and accept the Medicaid expansion that’s already available to Pennsylvania.

Thanks for joining us. This one’s important.

Mike Stack

It’s wrong to play games with the uninsured.

We can provide access to insurance for 500,000 Pennsylvanians right now, and dragging your feet isn’t helping anyone. Please, drop your alternative proposal and accept the Medicaid expansion available through the Affordable Care Act today.

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