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Sign the petition: give tipped employees a raise

Tipped employees – those who earn tips in addition to their base pay – are paid only $2.83 in the State of Pennsylvania. That base pay hasn’t gone up in 23 years, and today that simply isn’t enough for most families to get by.

We’re doing something about it. Earlier this year I introduced legislation that would eliminate the exemption that allows employers to pay tipped employees less than the minimum wage. Instead, my bill would require employers to pay all employees at least the minimum wage, and raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour in the process.

Together, we’re urging the Pennsylvania state legislature to bring the bill to the floor for a vote so we can give these working families a much-overdue pay increase.

Our petition calls on the leadership of the Pennsylvania State Legislature to do exactly that.

If passed and signed into law, my legislation would put more money in the pockets of over 1 million working Pennsylvanians.

Join us today and let’s give working families a raise.

To Pennsylvania Senate President Jim Cawley, Senate Republican Leader Dominic Pileggi and House Speaker Samuel Smith:

Tipped employees in our state earn just $2.83 and haven’t seen pay increase in 23 years.

S.B. 1317 would change that by raising the minimum wage and eliminating the $2.83 rate for tipped employees. Please – bring S.B. 1317 to the floor for a vote and require a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

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